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Design, Build, and Modify Tooling in Half the Time

A unique, patented technology that offers 80% reduction in hard tooling costs, 50% reduction in lead times, and significant reduction in tooling modification costs and project delays.

What is BoxJoint™?

Traditionally, in the automotive and aerospace industry, assembly jigs are large, custom, permanent structures that are costly to both design and build. Assembly jigs are usually one of the largest non-reoccurring costs at the start of a manufacturing project. Manufacturers are under increasing pressure to reduce non-reoccurring costs, reduce time to market of products, and improve the capacity and utilization of their tooling. The BoxJoint system is an arrangement of beams and joints, which together forms a framework. There are no welds between the connecting pieces in the system, instead the parts are fixed to each other with friction. Harcourt HBOX™ units are used to join standard beams to form the framework of the jig. The framework is set to a loose tolerance facilitating a quick assembly process and the use of standard low cost beams. The final accurate interface between the jig and the component is achieved through adjustable HFLAG™ and HSHIMBOX™ units. Throughout the jig build process, laser metrology is used to quickly measure and adjust the position of the jig beams, HSHIMBOXs, and HFLAGs.

Major Components


HBOX™ creates a structure fast by utilizing off-the-shelf aluminum, steel, or carbon fiber beams joined with plates and bolts. Bolts are pulled to a high torque to give a rigid friction joint, equal in stiffness to a weld. HBOX™ eliminates welding and stress reliving on jig frames.


HFLAG™ is a 6 DOF (degrees of freedom) index that is manually adjusted then locked when the desired location is reached. Standard end-effectors are available for clamps, rest pads, round (4 way), and slotted (2 way) bushings. HFLAG™ eliminates expensive, custom-made risers, locators, shims, etc.


HSHIMBOX™ technology enables users to integrate drill jigs, header-boards and other high tolerance, fixed tooling into a BoxJoint™ environment. A trained operator can set a HSHIMBOX™ into a new position within a few minutes.

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