Tradition Meets Innovation

Harcourt® was founded in the United States in 1999, but our beginnings go back much further than that.

We have deep roots in the global manufacturing industry, in markets such as aerospace, automotive, defense, and shipbuilding. In fact, Harcourt-affiliated companies have worked in these industries for over a century.

Our Legacy: William Beardmore and Company

Harcourt® was founded by the Beardmore family. William Beardmore and Company was a Scottish shipbuilding and engineering corporation, founded in the late 1800’s. During the turn of the century, the company branched into aviation.

Today, Harcourt® is a global group with a proven track record supplying product into major international programs.

Harcourt® has been involved with some of the most important and historic industrial projects over the last century.

We understand the industry. It’s in our blood.

Battleships & Airships

Cast Steel Rudder for H.M.S. Hood, weighing over 50 tons.
H.M. Airship R 34. Famous for her double crossing of the Atlantic in 1919. Built at Beardmore Airship Construction Works.
H.M.S. Benbow. One of the battleships built at Dalmuir during World War 1.

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