making tooling simple™

Build Composite Layup Molds in days

BlackBoard™ is a revolutionary material that uniquely enables close tolerance, direct-to-part tooling lead time to be measured in days vs. the traditional weeks and months. The simple tool build process saves hours when compared with other tooling processes, rendering the final finished tool similar in cost to steel and aluminium, and significantly cheaper than other carbon tooling and Invar. Users enjoy all the benefits of carbon without the cost!

CTE = 1.58 x 10-6 °F
400°F Service Temp, 470°F Tg

Very durable & resilient to
damage for long-life use

80% lighter than Invar
75% lighter than steel
50% lighter than aluminum

Does not corrode, rust,
or oxidize. No shelf life.

Short heat up & cool down

Large volumes available

Tool Fabrication Steps

Unique Board

Purchase boards and cut to size. Since the material has no shelf life and does not deteriorate it can be kept on-hand for immediate use.

Block Up & Machine

Block up using standard adhesives. Machine with conventional cutters, product produces chips/swarf - no carbon dust. Sand for smooth finish. Glossy finish also possible.


Apply standard release agent and mold component!

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