Our Mission & Vision

Harcourt® was founded as a result of a simple observation: hundreds of thousands of commercial off-the-shelf products are readily available, but no solutions to real industry challenges.

This mismatch led our founders to create the mission of maximizing our customers productivity and to develop Harcourt®’s solutions to achieve it.


Solutions that Maximize Efficiency

Engineered solutions dedicated to aerospace tooling and precision assembly are an important competitive factor. Quality is another. Captive tooling details reduce the risk of FOD and increase productivity in airframe assembly and the right drill tooling increases hole quality and accuracy in final assembly.

Standard & Engineered Solutions

Harcourt® offers tooling solutions designed to improve the manufacturing process when curing and machining composite parts, assembling airframe structures and drilling in final assembly. We offer a selection of standard designs available with next day delivery. And if a standard design won't fit the bill, we offer engineered solutions tailored to your specific application.

We Work with You, Directly

It doesn't end with the components. Our dedicated team of specialists works closely with customers to ensure that the right components and techniques are used to achieve the best possible assembly quality and productivity levels.
With our innovative, unique, comprehensive set of solutions, manufacturers can enjoy higher levels of productivity by utilizing products that solve complex tooling, safety, quality and efficiency challenges.
Community involvement

Harcourt takes pride in giving back to the community

Harcourt is involved in a number of different charities. We are a company that stays involved in the community and enjoys being able to help others.

Our service is the best and we have the hardware to prove it!

Harcourt enjoys being in among the top 1% of Boeing's supply chain. That's a tall order when you have 17,000 other suppliers to contend with.

Boeing Supplier Relations Awards


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